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Mechanical Design Engineer
1.Complete the 3D design of non-standard equipment according to the plan, update the 3D according to the design review results, make 2D assembly drawings and parts drawings, and submit a complete equipment purchase list to purchase.
2.Cooperate with electrical engineers to clarify the electrical components and operation procedures used in the equipment.
3.Follow up the progress of material procurement and assembly, and solve the problems encountered in the process of equipment debugging.
4.Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.
1.College degree or above
2.More than three years of experience in the development of non-standard automation equipment. It is better to have experience in non-standard equipment in the automotive industry and be able to independently complete the mechanical design of non-standard equipment.
3.Have a solid professional knowledge and theoretical foundation, and be proficient in the selection of common standard components of equipment.
4.Familiar with the commonly used design software Solidworks, inventor, Auto-CAD, etc.
5.Familiar with the material characteristics and processing technology of commonly used parts, and can accurately mark the tolerances of parts.
Electrical Design Engineer
1.Cooperate with the project to evaluate and execute the design, feasibility and manufacturability;
2.According to the manufacturing process of non-standard equipment, design the electrical control system and hardware drawings (Eplan).
3.According to the manufacturing process of non-standard equipment, design software programming (PLC&HMI) and debug;
4.Responsible for the establishment, sharing and sharing of standard software modules;
5.Guide, deal with, coordinate and solve technical problems in the project to ensure normal operation.
6.Implement the schedule requirements and quality requirements of the project, and complete the related work on time;
7.Strictly perform the corresponding confidentiality duties;
8.Complete other tasks assigned by superiors;
1.Bachelor degree or above, especially excellent ones can be appropriately reduced to a degree;
2.More than 3 years of application experience in non-standard automation projects.
3.Need to be proficient in Siemens PLC S7-200, S7-300, S7-1200, s7-1500 TIA Portal, WinCC flexible programming, if you can use AB PLC, Rexroth PLC and other Codesys programming is preferred.
4.Have a certain level of English and be able to read English materials;
5.Experience in debugging non-standard automation equipment in the auto parts industry is preferred.
6.Those who know KUKA, ABB and other robot programmers are preferred.
Test Software Engineer
1.Able to design test schemes and draw test schematic diagrams according to customer test requirements.
2.Select test components according to the test plan, and place an order for purchase.
3.Responsible for the development and programming of non-standard automated test equipment and PC software programs.
4.Responsible for the software debugging of the host computer, complete the manual and automatic test functions of the equipment and the equipment ability verification.
5.Prepare equipment manuals, user manuals and other related documents and materials, and provide them to customers.
6.Work with the project team to complete the delivery and acceptance of the project, and close all issues related to testing.
1.Bachelor degree or above, major in automation control, computer science and technology, software engineering, etc.
2.Familiar with at least one development language of Labview/C++/C#, proficient in using SQL and other databases, and able to complete basic desktop applications.
3.Work conscientiously and have a team spirit.
4.Can adapt to business trips.

Project Manager
1.According to the needs of the project, set up the project team and management team.
2.Participate in the project's pre-feasibility study, preliminary design, and be responsible for project life cycle management, project planning, management, supervision, control, and reporting.
3.Strictly implement the project "technical agreement", formulate a reasonable project schedule, node delivery stage goals, strictly control the project, have the ability to control the process, and achieve the overall goals of quality, cost, and delivery.
4.Cost control, reduce unnecessary cost output; For example, for the cost of changing requirements, analyze whether the change comes from the customer or internal to avoid unnecessary cost increase; labor cost and material cost control.
5.Actively carry out customer satisfaction surveys, actively collect customer project feedback information, participate in project tracking, public relations, regional market development and the rolling development of the project's follow-up projects.
6.For the potential risks of the project, it is necessary to have the ability to predict the risks of the project, such as the time nodes of the various stages of the project, and whether there is a risk of delay; in the process of identifying and accepting, there may be problems that affect the acceptance rate.
7.In the face of project problems, it is necessary to respond in time, analyze the problems, decompose tasks, and improve the success rate;
8.Have the ability to solve problems and disputes, organize and optimize resources, and good communication skills.
9.The ability to identify and handle project changes, according to the company’s project problem escalation process, promptly report the changes in the upgrade project, implement change control and management.
10.Have the ability to report on project phases and summaries.
11.Responsible for project document classification, complete project experience sharing, and promote continuous improvement of project management process.
12.Create a good project team atmosphere, encourage project team members to collaborate with each other, and achieve the common goals of the project.
13.Responsible for the optimized configuration and dynamic management of production factors such as manpower, materials, mechanical equipment, capital, technology, and information of construction projects, and actively promote and apply new technologies, new processes, and new materials.
1.Bachelor degree or above in full-time university.
2.Familiar with the project management process, able to effectively organize the planning, planning, implementation, monitoring and closing of the project.
3.Have good communication, organization and coordination skills, excellent execution skills, proficient use of office software, and good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.




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